Workshop on "LULUCF: practical consequences for the forest-based sector"
Brussels, Belgium

25 September 2018, Brussels Belgium



Workshop on "LULUCF: practical consequences for the forest-based sector" will take place on 25 September. The workshop is jointly organised by four organisations of the European forest-based sector: CEPF, CEPI, EOS, EUSTAFOR and will be held in Brussels, Belgium.


The topic of the workshop are the practical consequences of the recently adopted Regulation for the inclusion of Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) within the 2030 EU Climate and Energy framework. Main focus will be on the impact of the new forest reference levels to be set by the Member States on the annual harvest levels in European forests and potential implications for the domestic wood supply in the EU, and specifically on the down-stream value chains. 


Mr Simon Kay and Mr Giacomo Grassi from the European Commission will address aspects linked to the Commission guidance and implementation of the LULUCF Regulation and especially the rules for setting up of new Forest Reference Levels. 


The event is moderated by Mr Aigar Kallas, Managing Director and Chairman of the Management Board of the Estonian State Forest Management.


Attendance is by invitation only.