CEPF publishes position paper on the future of the CAP
Regarding the future of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the Rural Development Policy, CEPF published a position paper to underline the importance of forestry and sustainable forest management in the ongoing discussion.

In the position paper CEPF calls on the EU policy makers to a stronger political recognition and integrity of the forestry sector in the future CAP. The CAP should be designed to promote and ensure an economically viable, competitive forestry sector, which is a prerequisite for the sustainable development of the environmental and social functions of forestry in Europe’s rural areas. Sustainable forestry plays a crucial role to deliver solutions to meet some of the most complex challenges facing society today, particularly with respect to the new international commitments on climate change and sustainable development.

Furthermore, CEPF emphasizes that the Rural Development Policy under the CAP has to clearly aim at increasing the activities in and the development of the rural areas, thereby increasing the attractiveness of rural areas and the number of people that are able to live and work in them.

This means that the Rural Development Policy must provide the right tools for forest owners and managers. Support of forestry measures with attractive payment levels fostering the economic prosperity of forestry, reflecting the long production period of forestry, focused on actively, sustainably managed forests, “climate fit forests”, and forests contributing to developing the bioeconomy and delivering ecosystem services and biodiversity, has to be central element in the Rural Development policy.