EIP-AGRI report on sustainable mobilisation of forest biomass published
On 21 March 2018 the EIP-AGRI Focus Group on Sustainable Mobilisation of Forest Biomass organized a workshop in the European Forestry House to present the final report and discuss its findings with relevant stakeholders’ from the forest sector. CEPF Secretary General Fanny-Pomme Langue gave the view of private forest owners in the workshop panel and the following discussion.

The report summarises the comprehensive work of 20 experts from all over Europe that took place over two meetings within the period of one year. The experts examined the potential to increase the sustainable mobilisation of forest biomass as a key renewable resource, by elaborate work on so called Mini-Papers and the final report. CEPF was well represented among the group of experts with four members of forest owners associations and CEPF Policy Advisor Franz Thoma from the secretariat in Brussels.

The experts’ findings led to a set of ideas for research and innovation activities to stimulate the knowledge and use of management practices and strategies in mobilising forest biomass. Moreover, the experts provided ideas for Operational Groups and other innovative projects to enhance the supply of forest biomass for various uses. One example out of a list of ideas is “Profiling regional models for the development of forest owner groups to become more self-sufficient without over-dependency on “volunteerism””. 

Please find the report, factsheets and related documents on EIP-AGRI website.

The EIP-AGRI was set up as a new policy instrument for the 2014-2020 period with the aim to stimulate innovation and seek practical solutions to practical on-farm problems by bridging the gap between the practice and science of agriculture and forestry.

Information about EIP-AGRI focus groups in general and the still ongoing focus group on Forest practices & climate change can be found on EIP-AGRI website.