EU needs a more ambitious EU Bioeconomy Strategy
European farmers, forest owners and their cooperatives consider that the process of the revision of the EU Bioeconomy Strategy and its Action Plan provides a great opportunity to include concrete actions to support primary producers as they play a crucial role to successfully further develop the bioeconomy in the EU. EU needs a more ambitious EU Bioeconomy Strategy that takes into account the contribution that bioeconomy could have not only on the economic sustainability of the rural areas but also to the environmental and social sustainability.

European farmers, forest owners and their cooperatives do consider that the importance of the bioeconomy is still underestimated at EU level and better policy coherence and coordination is still needed. There is a need for creating a stronger link between the updated EU Bioeconomy Strategy and the future CAP, the future Cohesion policy and also the EU Forest Strategy that is currently being reviewed by the Commission. This gap can be seen in the legislations on 2030 Climate and Energy Package and in legislations and initiatives of the  Circular Economy Package.

European farmers, forest owners and their cooperatives welcome the publication of the Roadmap on the update of the 2012 Bioeconomy Strategy that highlights that the revised strategy should go beyond research and innovation. This exercise should provide a reinforced framework that builds on the EU’s common efforts to accelerate the transition from a fossil-based to a more bio-based economy with the inclusion of renewable raw materials for energy sector. Moreover, the exercise should promote the further development of rural areas and offer new business opportunities along the value chain. Consequently, it should stress the importance of having an entire value chain perspective and focus on better use of existing co- and by products from agriculture and forestry sectors to material, heat, power and fuel production. The Roadmap presents eight priority points on which the future strategy and action plan should focus on. European farmers, forest owners and their cooperatives consider that for the update of the EU Bioeconomy and its Action Plan the following elements should be included as new actions or detailed actions. Read the full joint statement below.