European Commission study on the cascading use of wood
The European Commission has published a study on the optimised cascading use of wood and intends to publish voluntary guidelines for cascading next year. The study will be on the agenda of the next meeting of the Commission DG GROW expert group on forest-based industries and sectorally related issues. CEPF participates the meeting in Brussels on 14 November.

The subject is still a high priority in Brussels, although it seems that nobody is currently pushing it to the EU legislation. The study that was commanded by the Commission seems to focus on the cascading processes and the raw material flow after the first use. However, from the forest owners’ perspective, it is important to highlight that the raw material markets should continue to operate in accordance with market principles without any top down intervention.

For further information, please refer to the CEPF, Copa-Cogeca and ELO joint statement on cascading use and the article “Debate over climate benefits ofbioenergy continues – new EFI study sheds light on the issue” in this Members Update.

The study on the cascading use of wood can be downloaded in the EU online bookshop.