European forest owners and managers welcome the 4th European Forest Week
CEPF, Copa and Cogeca and EUSTAFOR today welcome the 4th European Forest Week. The theme of the week, “Forests, our common good”, provides an opportunity to highlight the key role of Europe’s millions of forest owners and managers to provide solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing society today, not least climate change and sustainable development.

The 4th European Forest Week is being celebrated through Europe on 9-13 October 2017, under the theme of "Forests, our common good”.  It is being held in conjunction with Las2017 in Warsaw, Poland (‘las’ means ‘forest’ in Polish) – the Joint Session of the UNECE Committee of Forests and the Forest Industry (COFFI) and the FAO European Forestry Commission (EFC).

On this occasion, Europe’s forest owners and managers would like to highlight how an economically viable and responsible forestry sector contributes to overall societal objectives, like fighting climate change and ensuring a sustainable development.

By balancing the three pillars of sustainability, economic, social and environmental, in their day-to-day management, Europe’s forest owners and managers are providing a multitude of benefits to society. Growing forests clean the air of carbon dioxide, provide areas for recreation and biodiversity and provide a range of ecosystem services as well as a crucial renewable resource that can replace non-renewable materials and energy. Furthermore, forestry contributes to a living countryside, providing jobs and income in Europe’s rural areas.

The 4th European Forest Week once more provides a great opportunity to show the commitment of European forest owners and managers to contribute to a sustainable and productive forestry sector that is able to respond to future challenges and to ever-increasing demands from society.

For more information about the Las2017, please see the conference website

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European Farmers and European Agri-Cooperatives (COPA and COGECA)

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