FOREST EUROPE workshop proposes recommendations for an updated set of the pan-European SFM indicators
FOREST EUROPE hosted a three-day workshop this week in Madrid, Spain, to give recommendations for an updated set of the pan-European indicators on sustainable forest management (SFM).

About 25 representatives from FOREST EUROPE signatory countries, the European Commission (DG Agri, DG Env), forest stakeholders, such as CEPF, and forest research attended the meeting.

The workshop was convened as part of the C&I revision process which got launched in January, when the FOREST EUROPE Expert Level Meeting (ELM) agreed on the imperative need to refine the current set of indicators, in order to incorporate more effectively new knowledge and emerging policy issues.

The workshop participants mainly focused on the second report produced by the Advisory Group (AG) on the updating of the pan-European set of indicators for SFM and reflected on the specific recommendations made on each of the indicators. Special attention was paid to the most challenging indicators, for which significant modifications have been proposed, such as on indicator 1.3 age structure and/or diameter distribution, 1.4 carbon stock, 2.2 soil condition, 3.4 services, 3.5 forest management plans, 4.4 introduced tree species, 4.6 genetic resources, 4.7 landscape pattern, 5.1/5.2 protective forest functions, 6.2 contribution to GDP, 6.4 expenditures/investments, 6.5 workforce, 6.7 wood consumption and 6.9 wood energy.

The Advisory Group will use the outcomes of this workshop to prepare its final report. This report will be presented to the ELM in July for the consideration and possible adoption at the FOREST EUROPE Ministerial Conference in October this year.

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