Outcome for the forest-based sector in the 2014 Horizon 2020 calls
In April, the European Commission finally released a dataset covering the first signed Grant Agreements (projects) from Horizon 2020.

The Grant Agreements have been signed in 2015 and come from the Horizon 2020 Calls for Proposals that were published in 2014.

The dataset includes 2400 projects and a total budget of € 3.68 billion. The total budget of the dataset is significantly lower than the average budget distributed annually in FP7 (€ 7 billion/year).

The Biobased Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) call is not included in the dataset provided by the EC.

23 projects with a total EU contribution of €67.8M have been identified as relevant to the forest-based sector and answering to the Forest Technology Platform's (FTP) Strategic Research Agenda.
FTP estimates that the first BBI JU call will add another 15-20 M€ to this amount. This corresponds to 1.8% to 2.4% of the EU funding going to projects important for the forest-based sector.

The full FTP report (.pdf) can be downloaded below.