Association of Mediterranean Forest Owners (ARCMED)

The Mediterranean forest ecosystems possess important particularities and therefore require a specific management. For years, this has been structured around representative and strong private ownership. The distribution of the ecosystems weakens its national representativeness in most countries. The ARCMED has emerged with the aim of reinforcing representation of its founding members towards national bodies, the European Commission and the Mediterranean region.

ARCMED enables more detailed focus on Mediterranean issues in forestry. Active presence at the European level helps to defend the economic, social and environmental values of the Mediterranean forests. ARCMED acts as a legal body to represent will of the private forest owners associations and to promote the knowledge about Mediterranean forests towards administrations and other EU wide organisations.

ARCMED undertakes effective action in order to:

promote and improve a specific framework to foster sustainable forest management around the Mediterranean basin;
raise general awareness of the multiple values of Mediterranean forests and the need to support a sustainable and profitable Mediterranean forestry at EU level and
promote social, economic and environmental issues related to Mediterranean forests and forestry in the framework of the Union for the Mediterranean process, which provides a unique opportunity to develop a Euro-Mediterranean forestry network.

The ARCMED Association has eight members representing the forest owner organisations from France and Spain.

President: Francisco Rovira

Secretary General: Denis Boglio

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