Expansion of forest resources

France has got a great diversity of landscapes and just as many types of forests. Natural deciduous and coniferous forests in the low mountain areas and lowlands, Mediterranean and Alpine forest areas, and plantation forests testify to a distinctive forestry culture. The wooded area is increasing annually by around 1%. The annual volume increase in the French forests is 90.5 million m3. This provides Western Europe with the basis for a sustainable supply of timber as a renewable raw material.

Forest area:
16.5 million hectares = 25%

Annual fellings:
60.9 million m3


Fransylva (Forestiers Privés de France), the umbrella organisation of French forest owners, draws together 78 departmental and interdepartmental unions of forest owners, more than 40 000 forest owners for more than 3 million ha. Additional members are two national unions which bring together all the forest cooperatives and service groups. In this sense Fransylva is fully representative for the French forest owners. It is also the only body representing them. It proposes all measures promoting forests and the wood chain. It also participates in the preparation of governmental legislative texts.

President: Antoine d’Amécourt

Secretary general: Laurent de Bertier

Web site:


Fransylva (Forestiers Privés de France)
6, rue de la Tremoïlle
F-75008 Paris, France

Tel number: +33 147 203 632


For more information about the Forêt privée francaise, please see their presentation below.

Pour plus d'informations sur la Forêt privée française, s'il vous plaît voir leur présentation.