From state forests to privately owned woodlands

Hungary has over 1.8 million hectares of woodlands, of which 40% are privately owned (2004). With the currently planned afforestation measures, the share of privately owned woodlands is expected to exceed the area of state forests by the year 2020. As an effect of privatisation in the 1990's about 250 000 forest owners emerged with an average holding size of around 3-5 ha each. Around 2 500 organizations of joint forest management forms exist and have an average size between 103 and 227 ha of woodlands (2003). In the year 2004 about 38% of private forest were not managed and its reduction creates the biggest challenge for the forestry sector in Hungary.

Forest area:
1.8 million hectares = 18%

Annual fellings:
6 million m3


The MEGOSZ (Association of Private Forests Owners and Managers in Hungary) is the only private association representing owner interests in Hungary. It was founded 1994 and has a regional structural breakdown with its representatives in 7 regions of the country. MEGOSZ has about 30 000 members representing around 200 000 ha forests, which is a 12% share compared to the owners' number in general and a 28% share compared to the sum of private forest land (2004). MEGOSZ is a more and more recognized partner in the forest policy setting. It was actively involved in the process of the National Forest Programme of Hungary and is also present in the yearly negotiations of the national forestry incentive system.

Head of the Board: András Mocz

Secretary General: Jozsef Duska

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